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Alex Hart Founder

Alex Hart (Founder and President)

Hello, I’m Alex Hart. President and Founder of Tux Ship!  Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about me and Tux Ship.

50 years ago Grandpa Jack started the family business which my father took over and eventually the business was passed to me. We have been doing this a long time!

Most people don’t think about tuxedos every day, we do! And a lot of people have never rented a tux before, especially on line, that’s where Tux Ship comes in.

We deliver tuxedo rentals right to your home, office, or hotel.

We have the largest tux inventory in the country with 6 shipping centers for quick and reliable delivery.

I’m always asked how do I get measured and what if my tux doesn’t fit….
It’s easy… We have our own instructional video to show you step by step how to measure. To be honest, it’s really really easy!

Your tuxedo arrives 4-7 days before your event. Simply try it on and if you aren’t 100% satisfied than give us a call. With our Fit Guarantee we will send a replacement to you so that you have everything in time for your special day.

Now the best part about Tux Ship.  The consultation. Puts you in in touch with a real person who will show you the options, who will answer all your questions, who can make this unfamiliar process enjoyable and complete.  There is no “Try to figure it out” “Online shopping Cart”, ”hope for the best” with Tux Ship.   You’re supported all along the way. From the consultation to the special day!
You don’t do this every day. That’s okay. We do! And to be honest with you we are pretty good at it!
So schedule a free consultation and let’s get started today!


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