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Tuxship is an online tuxedo rental business that delivers tuxedos to customers anywhere in the United States.

We have been in the tuxedo rental business for over 30 years. In the 70's we opened our doors in Southeastern Idaho and we are headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We soon opened stores in other states. We later started a wholesale business and our newest market is tux rentals nationwide through the internet. Thus far Tuxship has been successful and we really enjoy our customers, we hope you will call, e-mail or write us with your questions, comments, and feedback.

We have now shipped to 48 of the 50 states.


More about Tuxship Tuxedos

Tuxship is currently owned and operated by Alex Hart. Alex's grandfather Jackk started the family business 45 years ago. The Hart's currently run bridal and tuxedo stores in Idaho & Wyoming. 4 years ago Alex got an idea to offer the same merchandise he rents to his local customers online. Alex has created a service that has been used accross the country and even Europe. The hart's local business operates under the name of Hart's Tux & Gowns where they are well known and trusted.

What makes Tuxship desirable and unique?

1. Tuxship offers dozens and dozens of fashion forward styles.

2. Tuxship offers the best quality. Most of our Inventory comes from one of the same suppliers as Mens Wearhouse. Formal Wear International (Jean Yves)

3. Tuxship cares more about your satisfaction than money. This is why we ship our tuxedos so they arrive a week before your wedding. Most tuxedo stores would never consider having their tuxedos out for more than 3 days, let alone 2-3 weeks. Rest assured your special day will be perfect with a Tuxship tuxedo.

4.Tuxship has the best pricing. Tuxedo packages are priced as low as $69. Free shipping both ways.

5. Newest styles. Tuxship is bringing in the new Allure grey and Tan tuxedos. Available May 2013.

6. Tuxship has the best customer service. Call, text, or email. Whatever is easiest for you. We also keep all your orders on file so re-ordering is simple.

7. Get all your money back with our easy referral program. Referr 8 friends and get all your money back on your tux. Referr 8 wedding parties (3 or more tuxedos) and get all your money back on your wedding tuxedos. * Ask for more information.

8. Tuxship is a happy place. Family owned with new ideas and the best inventory and happy employees. This is a great place to do business. Making your special event easy and affordable is what we do best.


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