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Now offering the most popular wedding tuxedos of 2014! The "Slim Fitting" "Flat front panted" tuxedo . Comes in Black, Grey, or T TAN


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you style it.

We have many Tux
Rental Options
, with different
styles and colors, that are sure to
meet your needs.

You can rent or buy from a wide variety of colorful accessories including tuxedo hats, cuff links, shoes, canes, suspenders, chains, and socks.

we ship it.

After you design
your custom tux,
just tell us where to
send it.

We ship your Tuxedo Delivery in our premier flat hanging box
right to your home, or even to your hotel room.

you return it.

When you are done,
simply return the Tux
in the same box
, using
the supplied shipping label.

It's that easy!

Save Time With Free Shipping For Your Tux. Save that Gas Money to the Mall.

Don't have your sizes yet? Order over the phone now and submit sizes and payment later!

own your own store

If you have any questions at all, just call us. Start your interactive Tux Designer right now.

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tuxedos start at 59.95
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Tuxedo Rental, Wedding Tuxedo Rental, Online Tux Rental

Tuxship is an online tuxedo rental company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho that provides an affordable and easy way to rent formalwear.
For over 35 years Tuxship's owners have been serving communities in the West with its various bridal and tuxedo rental store fronts. Some of the products Tuxship has provided over the years to its customers are tux rentals for grooms, tuxedo rentals for prom, tuxedo rentals for cruises, tux rentals for high school portraits, tuxedo rentals for company parties, tux rentals for black tie events, tuxedo rentals for all formalwear occasions, and not to mention in our store fronts we offer bridal gowns, and prom dresses.

For generations tuxedo customers have ordered quality tuxedos from some of the best and cheapest tuxedo companies in the USA. The way they have rented their formalwear is by calling up the tux rental company asking for cheap prices or maybe looking up a formalwear rental company in the phone book. Then after they have determined which tuxedo rental company to go to they make their first of many visits to the tuxedo store. The first visit to the formalwear store is to pick out and select the tuxedo rental. Then once your tuxedo rental is selected you get measured in about 5 minutes. Then you would come back to the tuxedo store for a final fitting and try the tuxedo on and see if it fits. If the tuxedo fits, great, you get to take the tuxedo rental home. If the tuxedo does not fit, then you must come back another day for the perfect fitted tuxedo. The after you have enjoyed the tuxedo rental for your prom, wedding, cruise, black tie event, school dance, or other formal events you must come back to the tuxedo rental store and return the tuxedo all before five or six the next day so you do not have to pay a tuxedo late fee. What Tuxship offers is something more than that. When you come to our tuxedo website you will see that not only are the tuxedo rental prices cheap and affordable, you also have free shipping to your home and free tuxedo rental shipping back to the tuxedo rental warehouse. So all you need to do is build your perfect tuxedo using our tux designer and enter you easy to gather measurements and there you have it a full quality affordable tuxedo sent right to your home, work or hotel. What is even better is the tuxedo should arrive 3-7 days before your formalwear event so you don’t have to worry about rushing to the tux rental store last minute. In fact all our Tuxship tuxedo rentals come with a prepaid shipping label that you just reattach to the shipping box it came in and so all you have to do it drop the tuxedo rental off at the nearest UPS agent.

Tuxship also works closely with high schools across the country in providing tuxedo fundraising opportunities. If your school thinks that they would like to make a few extra bucks and your school has high school dances or high school proms and your kids wear formal black tie tuxedos to them, then give us a shout. We have special rates and even a free custom website for your high school. Tuxship also is a full tuxedo rental wholesaler and tuxedo supplier. One of the great things that Tuxship is proud of is that they want not just themselves to succeed in business by making tuxedo renters happy, but they also want other small business to succeed by offering the best tuxedo rental product at the best tuxedo rental price. Our tuxedo rental subleasers get a fantastic tuxedo catalog, order forms, training, and the most innovative way to rent tuxedos in the industry (their own personal customized tuxedo rental website). Your customers will be able to rent tuxedos from the convenience of their home. Your tuxedo customers will make you money and you don’t even have to be open. Your competitors won’t have the ability to do what you do which is drop ship the tuxedo right to your tuxedo customer’s door.

If you are on a tight budget, and need a cheap tuxedo rental or tux rental there are ways that we can help. Click here! Tux Specials